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Meet Our Team
Dylan Jones


I started my barber journey aged just 15, cutting hair in my bathroom at my family home. From watching videos on YouTube to cutting all my friends hair at school I quickly found my passion for cutting hair. At this point I realised that this was the perfect industry for myself, I then applied for an apprenticeship at Flanagans Barbers for as soon as I finished my exams. Finishing my barbering qualification at the age of 17 I thrived off the pressure of being the youngest barber. After 3 years here I then left Flanagans and joined RPB, a very well known barbers in the Northern Quarter this is where I felt my career really start to develop, after being at RPB for 1 year, I started to think of opening my own shop in Stockport my hometown. A place that I strongly felt needed a city centre vibe barber shop. Somewhere that people could come and receive a fantastic haircut but also receive market leading service in a great atmosphere. So, in December 2020 I opened 3rd Brother, and ever since I have not looked back. We got off to a very difficult start with having to close after just 3 weeks of being open due to pandemic, however since reopening we have been so busy and we cannot wait to see how far we can take this business. 

Ray O'Carroll


I started in the hair game slightly differently to most barbers as I took my apprenticeship in a women’s salon, although my focus was subconsciously always men’s hair the women’s side of the industry taught me professional service and comfort within longer lengths. I decided to make barbering my full time career as the after hours barbering cutting my friends hair wasn’t enough to satisfy my passion for it. Since full time barbering I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the game; different personalities coming through the door, music on, incense burning in a young and vibrant atmosphere. 

I also think these times are great times for the barber game and I’m excited to see where we can take 3rd brother.

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Tyler Pemberton


I started my career in barbering as soon as I left school. At the age of 16 I trained at Flanagans Barbers, which taught me a high end level of professionalism and I credit a lot of my success to my time there. 

Due to my successful start, it drove me to constantly want to better my skills. Even though I had started at an established barber shop, my journey in this career has allowed me to work in many different establishments. I pride myself in my ability to work in all sorts of places and therefore I manage to work well with people from all paths of life. I have a strong passion for barbering and hair in general. I am constantly wanting to better my trade and understanding of hair not only for my clients but for my own knowledge. One reason I love barbering is because you never stop learning and it’s forever changing with the styles of the time.

Joe Wackett


I started my barbering career at the age of 19 after deciding I wanted to learn a skill that could take me anywhere in the world and introduce me to a wide variety of people. It was at this point I started as an apprentice with Flanagans and fell in love with the industry. After learning the fundamentals of cutting hair with a focus on customer experience, I was ready for my next challenge and decided to move to a shop that tailored more towards fades as this was an area I wanted to focus on. After 3 years experience under my belt, I decided to go on my own and cater for a mobile clientele. However, a year in I realised I missed the barbershop vibe and jumped at the opportunity to join 3rd brother, a shop with some of the best barbers in the industry and a bright future. I’m buzzin' to be a part of their journey!

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